Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Highly acclaimed in the international architecture circles, Bibliotheca Alexandrina is regarded as one of the world landmarks in modern architecture. The universal message conveyed by the granite wall and the sun-like disc pay tribute to Alexandria as the celebrated hub of civilization in the old world. The cliff-face granite wall is made of roughly finished grey granite panels weighing 2400 tons with dimensions 200x100x15 cm. The granite panels with total surface area of 6500 m2 were extracted specifically from a single quarry to the south east of Aswan,carved with letters from a myriad of world alphabets, characters and symbols.Granita prides itself in carrying out the extraction, processing, finishing and carving of the grey granite panels over a period of relentless work between 1996 and 2000.Our company also supplied 3,500 m2 of Black Zimbabwe granite for the cladding of the library's interior walls.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Photo Gallery

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